What sizes do you stock?

Outfits range from size 6 - 14.

Each item fits slightly different due to the brand, material and fit. For convenience, there are fit notes on all item pages in addition to a sizing guide page with most major brands measurements.

Do I need to clean the outfit?

No, standard cleaning is included in your hire price.

Any outfits returned with excessive staining and/or odour that require specialised cleaning will incur a cleaning fee of $20 - $60 (depending on the condition of the outfit and how easily it can be rectified)

Excessive staining/odour includes, but is not limited to: red wine, tan, makeup, grass, double sided tape residue, dirt, oil, food, ink, liquid, body odour and tobacco. 

What happens if I accidentally damage and/or stain the outfit?

Accidents happen, if something happens to the outfit, contact The Closet Collective immediately. The quicker we are informed of a problem (in particular a bad stain) the easier it is to work together to remedy the issue quickly and prevent additional damage. 

Do not attempt to clean the outfit yourself without prior consent from us. Incorrect cleaning can further damage the outfit/set in a stain and incur higher fees, or, in extreme cases, a full outfit replacement which incurs a fee of the full RRP of the outfit. 

The customer is liable to pay for any and all costs involved with fixing outfits that have been returned damaged or excessively marked. 

It is at the discretion of The Closet Collective whether a garment is re-rentable. Any damaged garments that are deemed unrentable will incur a fee of the full RRP of the garment + any loss of income due future bookings that will be cancelled.

If the garment is still in a rentable condition but the damage/mark will hinder future rentability and/or longevity, the customer is liable to pay a portion of the RRP to The Closet Collective in addition to the costs of repairing the outfit.

Can I cancel my order?

Once the Hire fee is paid the sale is final. The Closet Collective does not provide refunds for change of mind, sickness, event cancellation or incorrect sizing.

Customers who need to cancel their Hire are entitled to credit note valid for three months from the original event date pending 96 hours’ notice prior to the event date is provided or new government restrictions that come into place after the Hire has been confirmed. 

Identification + Security

The Closet Collective reserve the right, for insurance purposes, to collect photographic identification from all customers. This information is kept confidential and destroyed upon completion of the order.