Standard cleaning is included in your hire price. Please do not attempt to clean outfits yourself without prior consultation from The Closet Collective as incorrect laundering this can cause further damage to the outfit.

Any outfits returned with excessive staining and/or odour that require specialised cleaning will incur a cleaning fee (depending on the severity of the stain).

Excessive staining/odour includes, but is not limited to: red wine, tan, makeup, grass, double sided tape residue, dirt, oil, food, ink, liquid, body odour and tobacco. 

Accidents happen and we understand this. If something happens to the outfit, contact The Closet Collective immediately. The quicker we are informed of a problem (in particular a bad stain) the easier it is to work together to remedy the issue quickly and prevent additional damage. 

Do not attempt to clean the outfit yourself without prior consent from us. Incorrect cleaning can further damage the outfit/set in a stain and incur higher fees, or, in extreme cases, a full outfit replacement which incurs a fee of the full RRP of the outfit. 

The customer is liable to pay for any and all costs involved with fixing outfits that have been returned damaged or excessively marked. 

It is at the discretion of The Closet Collective whether a garment is re-rentable. Any damaged garments that are deemed unrentable will incur a fee of the full RRP of the garment + any loss of income due future bookings that will be cancelled.

If the garment is still in a rentable condition but the damage/mark will hinder future rentability and/or longevity, the customer is liable to pay a portion of the RRP to The Closet Collective in addition to the costs of repairing the outfit.

Can I try outfits on before booking?

Absolutely! You are welcome to try on outfits on before placing your order at our boutique located in Adelaide, SA.

Do I need a booking?

No, you can come and try outfits on anytime during our open hours.....

however, we do offer a booking system via the BOOK A TRY ON tab (website) or BOOK NOW button (instagram bio).

What is the benefit of booking a try on?

1. We can inform you if a particular outfit will not be in store at the time of your booking and can advise you when it will be back on the shop floor.

2. You are guaranteed a change room for that time period over any walk-in customers.

3. It's free.

When is the best time to come in and try on?

Tuesdays - Thursdays are the days we have the most range in store.

Please note, there is no day of the week when every single outfit is on the shop floor due to outfits coming and going so frequently to different customers. 

We are here to help if you require any assistance on choosing the best time to come in for your try on. Send us an email or slide into our instagram DM's to ask availability on a certain. outfit.

Do you offer postal try ons?

Unfortunately due to the high turn over nature of a hire business, we are not able to offer postal try ons due to postage timeframes between customers.

What is a bond?

For insurance purposes, all postal orders require a bond of equal value to the hire fee to be paid and the front and back of the customers drivers licence to be provided. The bond is in addition to the hire + shipping fees and is refunded in full to your account once the outfit is returned in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Orders are only complete once the bond and ID are received. The outfit can only be posted once the bond and identification has been received and failure to provide this will cause postage delays.

How do I get my bond back?

Two easy steps -

1. Lodge the parcel at a post office on the next business day after your event. (Putting the parcel in a post box will immediately forfeit your bond as it voids the return insurance and renders the parcel untrackable)

2. Return the outfit unwashed and with no damage or excessive staining/odour.

Once the outfit reaches us on time and with no damages or excessive staining/odour, the bond is refunded within 72 business hours. 

When will the outfit arrive?

All weekend hires are posted express via Australia Post on Monday or Tuesday (depending on how quickly the outfit is ready from the previous customer) unless otherwise arranged. 

Orders to major cities generally arrive within 1-2 business days and rural areas take roughly 2-3 business days. This is general advise based on Australia 
Post timeframes but may be affected by delays such as natural disasters, COVID-19 outbreaks and/or high traffic periods e.g. Christmas. 

We post from Metro Adelaide (post code 5061) and estimated shipping timeframes to your area can be found on the Australia Post website. It is the customers responsibility to check shipping timeframes to their area and advise The Closet Collective of any potential shipping delays.

What happens if the outfit doesn't arrive on time?

In the event the parcel is delayed by Australia Post, you will receive a full refund of the outfit hire price pending the outfit is returned the following business day in the same condition it was received. 

Orders that have been delayed/unshipped due to failure to comply with the bond and identification process are not entitled to any refunds or credits. 

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure postage timeframes are checked on the Australia Post website prior to ordering. 

It is recommended that the parcel is sent to an address where someone will be home to accept it. If nobody is home the parcel could be taken to a post office.

How do I return the outfit?

All returns must be lodged at a post office before 3pm on the next business day immediately following your event date to ensure the bond is not voided.

The outfit is returned in the same parcel you received it in by re-sealing the parcel with the sealing strip provided and sticking the return label included inside your parcel over the top of the shipping label. 

When can I collect my outfit?

All collections and returns are located at our Dover Gardens boutique.

Weekend hire are collected Thursday 4pm - 7pm or Friday 10:30am - 1:00pm.  

Mid-week hire collections are by appointment the day prior to the event.

You will receive a text message prior to your event to organise collection.

Alternative collection timeframes can be arranged upon request and you are welcome to send someone to collect on your behalf. 

When do I return my outfit?

All returns are made via the return chute located at the rear of our boutique during open hours.

Friday - Sunday events must have the outfit returned  within 48 hours of the event during the following timeframes:

Saturday & Sunday - 9:00am -  5:30pm
Monday - 8:30am - 4:00pm

Monday - Thursday events must have the outfit returned the following day of the event. You will be provided a timeframe to return the outfit upon collection.

What happens if I don't return the outfit on time?

Unfortunately the return chute is not accessible outside the above mentioned open hours, however, you can make your return anytime without an appointment or have someone return the outfit for you.

Failure to return the outfit in accordance with the terms and conditions incurs a $30 late fee per day.

Once the Hire fee is paid the sale is final. The Closet Collective does not provide refunds for change of mind, sickness, event cancellation or incorrect sizing.

Customers who need to cancel their Hire are entitled to 70% credit of the hire fee valid for three months from the original event date pending 96 hours’ notice prior to the event date is provided or new government restrictions that come into place after the Hire has been confirmed. 

In the event of a cancellation, 30% of the hire fee is non-refundable unless a government restriction comes into place preventing the event from going ahead. Proof of cancellation must be provided in this case.

The Closet Collective reserve the right, for insurance purposes, to collect photographic identification from all customers. This information is kept confidential and destroyed upon completion of the order.


Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using The Closet Collective Hire. By accessing or using any part of the website, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to The Closet Collective Hires terms of the agreement, then you may not use the service.

In consideration of the Hire Price to be paid by you and the agreements set forth in these Terms and Conditions, The Closet Collective Hire agrees to rent you the Garment as selected by you.

You agree and acknowledge that you are renting a Garment for a limited time and that ownership of the Garment at all times remains with The Closet Collective Hire.

You agree to pay the Hire Price advertised in full to secure the Garment. An additional Security Deposit of $100 OR the value of the hire (if over $100) may be required and must be made prior to pick up/postage to enable The Closet Collective Hire to release the Garment to you. Once the Hire is confirmed by paying for the Hire and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are not entitled to a refund or exchange for the Hire price. 

You understand that if you wish to cancel the rental of the Garment you must provide The Closet Collective Hire with minimum of 5 days notice prior to the event date. Upon cancellation, you will be entitled to 70% credit credit of the value of the Hire Price valid for 3 months from the original hire date. Alternatively, the Garment can be swapped for another. Any difference in price must be paid. If less notice is received it is at the discretion of The Closet Collective Hire whether you will be entitled to a credit note. The Closet Collective Hire cannot be held responsible due to any sickness or cancellation of events.

When choosing “local pick up” You acknowledge you have the option to inspect and try the Garment on prior to Renting and should you choose not to inspect and/or try the Garment on prior to pick up you accept the Garment in its current condition pending it is given to you clean and in a reasonable state of repair.

When choosing “postage” You acknowledge the Garment will be posted to you on the Wednesday prior to your Hire weekend express via Australia Post and the tracking number will be provided to you upon lodgment. A pre-paid Express return sticker will be included with your package to enable you to return the Garment. The satchel the Garment is posted in must be cut along the dotted lines to re-seal and use to post the Garment back. The Garment must be lodged at the post office on the next business day immediately following your Hire before 3pm. Failure to do so and provide a tracking number as proof of lodgment may result in a late fee as described in this agreement being charged if the item does not arrive on time. Any lost/damaged Garments in transit where a lodgment receipt cannot be provided will be treated as a damaged/stolen Garment. The Closet Collective Hire cannot be held responsible for any Australia Post delays and it is the responsibility of the customers to check for any shipping delays.

You agree you are responsible for any loss, destructions and damage of the Garment upon time of collection until the time of return. The Garment is only deemed returned once The Closet Collective Hire receive the it in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth in this agreement.

You agree that you are liable for any damages to the Garment, including, but not limited to; ripping, soiling, burns, colour distortion and you will be liable to pay the full Recommended Retail Price of the Garment or the cost of repairing the damages up to The Closet Collective’s reasonable discretion, whichever is the lesser price. You agree you will be charged for any loss of income due to damages where future Hires are affected. If a perfect fix cannot be made but the Item is received in reasonable condition to continue to Hire you will be asked to pay a portion of the Recommended Retail Price as compensation for damage.

You acknowledge dry cleaning of the Garment is included in the Hire Price and agree to return the Item unwashed.

You agree to return the Garment via the return chute on our back door 10:00am - 8:00pm Sunday and 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday immediately following your Hire unless otherwise arranged prior to the pick up date. Returns made outside these hours may result in the Item not being received upon time of return.

If the Garment is not returned by the Return Date a late fee of $30 will be charged for each additional day you retain it. If it is not returned by the Thursday immediately following the Hire Date you will be charged the full Rental Fee on top of the original Rental Fee.

You agree that, for insurance purposes, The Closet Collective Hire will keep a copy of your Drivers Licence and/or credit card details on file for the duration of the Hire period. The Closet Collective Hire reserves the right to take all steps necessary to collect amounts due from you, including but not limited to; legal action and/or using third party collection agencies. You are liable for the cost of the Garment + any costs incurred by The Closet Collective Hire to recover money from you should the Garment not be returned in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

You agree your email address will be added to The Closet Collective Hires’ exclusive Mailing List. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time.

You agree that when making payment via Afterpay, you are not entitled to any sort of refund of the order upon the correct circumstances will be entitled to a credit valid for 3 months from the original Hire date.

The Closet Collective Hire reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions at any time and without notice to you.